About Remode Collective

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Remode Collective is a Community Interest Company (CIC) set up to explore ways to re-purpose textiles locally and build new skills, while celebrating multicultural diversity.

We are based in Edinburgh and we offer a range of creative workshops, classes, community projects end events, as well as collect leftover and unwanted textiles to produce handmade and unique items.

Our aim is to establish a multicultural community of crafters, designers, seamstress and tailors that come together to learn from each other, while promoting a sustainable and ethical use of skills and resources.

All our activities are designed to achieve 3 main outcomes:

Social integration of migrants, refugees and ethnic minorities

The reduction of waste and the promotion of ecofriendly spending and consumption habits

Improve employability prospect by building confidence and developing new skills


Volunteers are the base of the enterprise. As the same name says, we are a COLLECTIVE of people with different skills, cultural and ethnic backgrounds, that share the same passion for sewing, fashion and design.

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Social integration

We welcome people from any age, gender, cultural and ethnic background! If English is not your first language don’t worry, we are multi-language friendly and we’ll always do our best to meet your language needs.

Our activities are designed for you to develop sewing skills, express your creativity but also to give you the opportunity to meet other people in a safe and educational environment, and possibly develop a support network of friends and colleagues.



Whether it’s just a boost of confidence or a real improvement of your professional skills, we hope that taking part in our classes and activity can help you pursue your goals and improve your employability prospects! We had the pleasure to witness and support the development of new professionals careers and studies of our students and we are looking forward to support you in anyway we can.



Our dream is a zero waste society, where we use our human and environmental resources in a conscious and respectful matter! Although there is an increasingly strong will to reuse and recycle textiles, still a very large amount ends up in landfill (every year in Scotland 15,000,000 reusable t-shirts go to landfill) and most of the textile collected for recycling is sent overseas. We collect donation of unwanted textiles in Edinburgh to be used in our classes and we promote sustainable spending and consumption habits.