Women in Textile


Starting in February 2019 and running till January 2020, Women in Textiles offers a space for women from migrant and refugee communities to come together to develop new skills in textiles and dressmaking, learn from each other and establish an essential support network of friends and colleagues.

Over the course of the year Women in Textiles will host drop in sessions, as well as a range of specially tailored training and textile-based workshops. Working with local community groups and women from around the city, those attending will have the opportunity to learn basic sewing, marketing and production skills. Our training sessions will include workshops on sewing and textile skills, health and wellbeing, marketing, sales and financial management.

Taking place from Remode Collective’s studio at Out of the Blue, workshops will be listed and advertised online every 3 months through Remode Collective’s website and Facebook page. If you are interested in taking part (both volunteers and participants) in this new and exciting project please follow us or get in touch through Facebook or by emailing remodecollective@gmail.com.

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Main aims of the project

Through this project we aim to help build confidence and improve the general health and wellbeing of our participants.  By teaching participants fundamental sewing skills, as well as providing them with the knowledge and ability to market and sell their own products, we hope to help establish a community of crafters, designers and tailors in Edinburgh, which will contribute towards the growth of social networks within Edinburgh.

In addition, Women in Textiles promotes and facilitates access to volunteering opportunities both within Remode Collective and other organisations in Edinburgh. Based on our previous experience, volunteering is an important means of building confidence and allowing people the opportunity to explore new potential career prospects.

Target communities

Based in Edinburgh, Women in Textiles will work with women from migrant and refugee community groups around the city. If you are a local community group and are interested in finding out more please get in touch. You can find out more by emailing remodecollective@gmail.com.


Remode Collective’s overall vision is to establish a multicultural community of crafters, designers, seamstresses and tailors that come together to learn from each other. Promoting a sustainable and ethical use of skills and resources, it is through our projects and community events, like Women in Textiles, that we strive to do this.

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