Remode Collective Team


Founder Director - Board Director - Organizational Manger

With a background in development studies, Chiara has been working on community projects for the last four years.  Chiara hails from Italy where her mother was a seamstress.  Seeing how sewing helps building confidence and develop strong friendships gave her the initial idea for Remode Collective.  She is passionate about climate change, loves sewing, and fascinated by multicultural diversity.

Chiara speaks Italian, French and some Spanish.


Founder Director - Board Director - Organizational Manager

Morena Lo Nobile Remode Collective Edinburgh.jpg

Morena started as a participant in “Learn to Sew” sessions at the Welcoming organization, which later gave birth to the Remode Collective.

She worked in retail for many years and 8 years as store manager, so has a combination of skills in organizing and selling. In her position as co-Director, she is deepening her skills in finance, social media, website development and maintenance.

Morena has passion for clothes, fashion, environment and nature, which have proven to be a great fit for Remode Collective's core goals.


Art Director

Kiaz Trepte Remode Collective Edinburgh.jpg

Kiaz has practiced for thirty-five years in the fashion industry.  She obtained an Honours degree from Bristol University in fashion and textiles.   Kiaz then worked her way up from a market stall in Camden London producing her own goods, through various design rooms supplying high-street stores with garments produced in Turkey, Portugal and India among many other places. This led onto running a full design room which produced thousands of pieces for multiples such as Marks&Spencer and private designer boutiques across the UK.

Kiaz was a private fitter for Vivienne Westwood at her Bond Street shop, producing one-off couture garments from archive patterns, right through to wedding gowns for VIP clients.


Project and Volunteer Coordinator

Hannah Scott Remode Collective Team.JPG

Project and Volunteer coordinator here at Remode Collective, Hannah overseas our community outreach workshops and latest project “Remode Your Way” Project. Hannah  handles our fabric donations as well as volunteering recruitment, looking after and supporting our wonderful team of volunteers.  Specialising in print, she also teaches and runs various printing workshops at Remode Collective.

Originally from the Northe East of Scotland, Hannah moved to Edinburgh to study Textiles at Edinburgh College of Art.  Specialising in print Hannah also teaches and runs various printing workshops here at Remode Collective.

A dabbler in all things textiles, Hannah enjoys printing, embroidery and appliquée. A believer in up-cycling and ethical fashion, Hannah enjoys meeting new people, exchanging ideas, and working together as part of a bigger movement to achieve a more sustainable and environmentally friendly way of living.  


Production Volunteer and Teacher

Fernanda joined Remode Collective as a production volunteer and after is now she is a teacher of the Remode Your Way project.

Fernanda is a costume designer with specialization in clothing and shoes production. She has 10 years of experience in the field of fashion, creating collections of her own brand and leading sewing workshops for Janome.  Fernanda enjoys the production of fashion and also spends time weaving tapestry. She enjoys meetings people and sharing different ideas, stories and knowledge.