How it all started…


Remode Collective is inspired by the Renewal Programme developed by the Welcoming Association from April 2015 to March 2017. During this time, the Welcoming organised a series of Upcycling workshops and ran a textile programme called ‘Learn to Sew’ with the aim to promote sustainable spending and consumption habits as well as the reuse and recycle of waste and leftover materials. Both of these activities had a great success!

In November 2015, the Welcoming won ‘Pay it 4 Social Enterprise Pitch your Idea Competition’, and together with volunteers and participants it started to work on a Social Enterprise project. When the Renewal Programme came to an end in March 2017, the participants themselves took the project in their hands and Remode Collective CIC was born.



The beauty of this project is that we started as a group of very passionate people, we started because we believed in our skills and we really enjoy spending time together.

Everyone of the people involved had an important role to arrive where we are today and we will always welcome anybody who is willing to dedicate some time, knowledge and resources to Remode Collective.